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Why can’t glass go in my curbside bin?2021-03-29T21:10:21-07:00

Glass causes havoc for the curbside recycling program. The glass jars break when the recycle truck dumps your bin into the truck. It creates a broken glass mess for the sorting staff. Please help keep our staff safe by recycling your glass at the recycling depot not at the curb.

Why can’t plastic bags go in my curbside bin?2021-03-29T21:10:04-07:00

Plastic bags dropped off at the recycling depot are baled together and shipped directly to Merlin Plastics in Delta, BC where they are shredded and turned into new products. The curbside blue bin material is different because it’s mixed. It can’t go directly to the mill. It must first go to a sorting facility where the newspaper, office paper, boxboard, plastics #1, #2, #3, #4, etc are all separated. Once sorted, each material is baled and send to various mills to be turned into new products. As you can imagine it’s really difficult to sort curbside material with plastic bags in it. The bags wrap around conveyor belts, clog screens and cause all sorts of equipment problems. On top of that, bags are a major hazard for our employees. They hide needles, hazardous items, bear spray, propane bottles, etc. All these items pose a major safety risk for our staff and our equipment.

Why can’t Styrofoam go in my curbside bin?2021-03-29T21:09:49-07:00

Styrofoam causes havoc for the curbside recycling program. When the recycle truck dumps your bin, it squishes the recycling to make it fit into the truck. When Styrofoam gets squished, it crumbles into little pieces. Imagine dumping a box of packing peanuts in your curbside bin and then trying to pick out each peanut. Not easy right! Now imagine that times 7000 houses in FSJ. Almost impossible! Recycle your Styrofoam right… drop it off at the recycling depot instead!

What is the difference between cardboard and boxboard?2021-03-29T21:09:36-07:00

Cardboard looks like a paper sandwich with wavy ridges in between, whereas Boxboard looks like a thick piece of paper (no wavy ridges). Compare an Amazon cardboard box to a cereal box. The Amazon box is Cardboard; the cereal box is boxboard.

Are pizza boxes recyclable?2021-03-29T21:09:23-07:00

Yes! Pizza boxes are recyclable in your curbside bin or at the depot in the “Cardboard Bin”.

Can you leave lids on glass jars?2021-03-29T21:09:09-07:00

No! Please try to remove your lids before recycling your glass jars. The lids can be recycled in your curbside bin or at the depot in the “Containers Bin”.

What is Flexible Plastics?2023-01-27T23:49:13-07:00

Plastic bags and flexible packaging are now one category called Flexible Plastics. No more separating your shopping bags from your candy bar wrappers! Stretchy and crinkly plastics can now be mixed together. Flexible plastics includes things like coffee bags, dog food bags and candy bar wrappers.

To test if your plastic is a Flexible Plastic, do the “baseball test”… if you can ball the plastic up in your hand like a baseball, it’s Flexible Plastic. If it doesn’t ball up into your hand, it’s Hard Plastic.

How much does it cost to recycle at the depot?2021-03-29T21:08:38-07:00

Everything we accept at the depot is FREE to drop off. We even pay you money for car batteries!

Which day is my curbside recycling pickup?2023-01-29T15:00:20-07:00

Visit our City Pickup Schedules page to find a collection calendar for your city.

Are Amazon envelopes recyclable?2023-01-27T23:51:33-07:00

Yes and No! The all-plastic envelopes are accepted at the depot in the “Flexible Plastics Bin”. Please do not put them in your curbside recycling bin.

Unfortunately, the paper envelopes with plastic bubble wrap lining are not recyclable and should be placed in your household garbage bin.

Where is the Share Shed?2021-03-29T21:07:53-07:00

The share shed is located at the North Peace Landfill (7014 269 Road). It is open Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 5:45 pm.

Do you take water coolers?2023-01-27T23:56:51-07:00

Yes! We accept water coolers for FREE at the Fort St John recycling depot. Drop your water cooler off inside the main depot building. Place it on the orange Electronics cart.

Do you pay a refund for pop bottles?2021-03-29T21:07:14-07:00

No! We are not a bottle depot, so we cannot pay refunds for beverage containers. If you just want to recycle your bottles, place them into the “Containers Bin”.

My plastic container doesn’t have a recycling symbol. Is it recyclable?2021-03-29T21:06:57-07:00

No! There are more than 200 different types of plastic, and we accept the 7 most common types used. If your container doesn’t have a symbol, we don’t know what type of plastic it is. If your container doesn’t have a recycling symbol, please check with us before recycling.

Do milk jugs have a deposit refund?2023-01-27T23:54:19-07:00

Yes! In BC, there is a $0.10 refund for ready-to-drink milk and milk substitute containers (almond, oat, soy, etc). Return milk containers to your local bottle depot to receive your deposit refund.

What do I do with Shredded Paper?2021-03-29T21:06:27-07:00

Shredded paper must be bagged and tied shut in a clear or blue bag. It is accepted in your curbside bin or at the depot in the “Paper Bin”.

Do you recycle clothes hangers?2023-01-28T00:02:18-07:00

Yes! We accept clothes hangers for recycling at the curb and at the recycling depot.

Plastic hangers can be put in your curbside recycling bin at home, or in the Containers Bin at the recycling depot. Metal hangers are accepted at the recycling depot in the Scrap Metal bin.

Do you accept electronics when the depot is closed?2021-03-29T21:06:01-07:00

No! We only accept “Miscellaneous Items” including electronics during business hours. This ensures the items stay clean and dry, and we can monitor what is being dropped off.

Do you recycle pots and pans?2021-03-29T21:05:46-07:00

Yes! We recycle anything that is made of 75% or more metal in the Scrap Metal bin.

Do you recycle VHS tapes?2021-03-29T21:05:30-07:00

Yes! We recycle VHS tapes as well as CDs, DVDs and cassette tapes. Recycle them inside the depot and place them onto the “Electronics Cart”.

Are pens, markers and crayons recyclable?2021-03-29T21:05:17-07:00

We do not accept pens, markers or crayons for recycling, but Staples does! They have a bin located at the back of the store near the bathrooms for all writing tools.

Do you recycle ink & toner cartridges recyclable?2021-03-29T21:05:06-07:00

We do not accept ink cartridges for recycling, but Staples does! They have a bin located at the back of the store near the bathrooms for ink & toner cartridges.

What happens to my recycling after I drop it off?2021-03-29T21:04:54-07:00

Check out our “Where Does My Recycling Go” flyer for more information on what your recyclables will be turned into after they’re dropped off.

Do you take helium tanks?2021-03-29T21:04:42-07:00

Yes! We accept empty helium tanks in the Scrap Metal Bin.

Do you take large appliances?2021-03-29T21:04:29-07:00

Yes! We accept all large appliances for FREE from May to October. Drop your appliances off behind the main depot building in the Appliances Area (signs posted).

Can I recycle aerosol spray cans?2021-03-29T21:04:14-07:00

Yes! We accept empty aerosol cans that contained non-hazardous liquids, such as cooking oil, air freshener and hairspray. The rule of thumb is… if you would spray yourself in the face with it, it’s recyclable. If you wouldn’t want to spray yourself in the face with it, it’s garbage. Non-hazardous aerosols can be recycled in your curbside bin or at the depot in the “Containers Bin”.

Can I recycle hardcover books and textbooks?2023-01-29T14:57:31-07:00

The hardcover is not recyclable, but the pages inside the book are recyclable. Rip the hardcover off the book and throw it in the garbage. The pages inside can be recycled at the recycling depot in the “Paper Bin”.

Do you accept empty paint cans?2021-03-29T21:03:41-07:00

Yes! We accept all residential paint and stain – empty, partially full and full cans accepted. Please make sure your cans have a lid and a label, so we know what type of paint it is.

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