Other Divisions

Recycle-It Resource Recovery is a division of the Acceleration Group, which also includes Acceleration Signs and Acceleration Shredding.


If you are like most business owners, you are always looking for effective and economical ways to promote your business.

At Acceleration Signs, we specialize in portable sign rentals that will attract potential customers as they drive by your business. Portable signs are more cost effective than newspaper, radio or television advertising, and are seen by all vehicle and pedestrian traffic passing by your business.

Acceleration Signs is also a full service sign shop, offering sign, banner and decal printing. Online price calculator available on our website www.accelerationsigns.com.




If you are like most business owners, you are always looking for ways to protect the privacy of your customers and your business.

At Acceleration Shredding, we specialize in secure on-site document destruction. Our employees are fully bonded and we supply a Certificate of Destruction after each site visit. Once your paper is shredded, it goes directly to the depot for recycling.

Our industrial shredding truck will save your business time and money. There is no need to sort paper by colour or remove staples, paper clips or aligator clips. Shredding that will take your employees hours to do, will take us just a few minutes. Don't waste your valuable employee time, give us a call instead